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 The charter the Alliance (Устав Альянс)

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Основатель, и Админ по совместительству ;)
Основатель, и Админ по совместительству ;)

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Control system of the Alliance
1) over the Alliance the HEAD and Board supervises
The HEAD and the founder of the Alliance - !DangDeath!.
Board of the Alliance - operating Ministers and the Assistant to the HEAD.
2) the HEAD - is not selected and not nominated. The HEAD is not discharged of the post under no circumstances,
Until then while it will not decide to combine from itself the obligation.
3) Each member of the Alliance should remember, that its behaviour displays the person of all Alliance
4) Strategy of behaviour of the Alliance varies, depending on current events.
5) Each Minister has the right of a casting vote, in case of absence of the HEAD, in questions which are included into its official structure.
6) the HEAD has the right of a casting vote in all questions concerning the Alliance
7) the HEAD has big rights and is not obliged to spend meeting with Board and other members of the Alliance.
Cool the HEAD is always glad to listen any member of the Alliance.

1. The introduction, an exit and exception of members of the Alliance.

1.1 any person of game Travian can enter the Alliance, having submitted the written application to Minister for Foreign Affairs.
1.2 Sample of the application and procedure of the introduction approves the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
1.3 Decision on reception of a member is accepted with the Head or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The application of the candidate is considered, after that the decision is passed.
1.4 Member of the Alliance has the right to leave at any moment its structure, having informed about it in writing Board.
1.5 Members of the Alliance can be excluded from the organization by the decision of the Head, if:
1.5.1 breaks the Charter of the Alliance, or makes other actions which cause a serious moral or material loss to the Alliance.
1.5.2 Decision on exception is accepted with the Head of the Alliance.

2 Rights and duties of a member of the Alliance.

2.1 Member of the Alliance possesses the following rights:
2.1.1 to participate in all actions of an alliance, to make offers on work of the Alliance and its improvement, to defend the opinion
2.1.2 to receive the help of the Alliance in carrying out of the actions adequating to the Charter of the Alliance
2.1.3 to put forward candidates on elective offices of the Alliance
2.1.4 to get political, economic and military support of the Alliance.
2.1.5 to spend military actions with players Travian not entering in what or Alliances if it will not cause a loss to Alliance DeMIRuS
2.1.6 to attack Alliances by which war is declared
2.1.7 to do business members of an alliance on mutually advantageous conditions.

2.2 Duties of a member of the Alliance:
2.2.1 to observe the Charter and to promote performance of the Program of the Alliance
2.2.2 to watch the information acting from Board in embassy and at a forum
2.2.3 to carry out decisions of the Head of the Alliance and other supervising Ministers of the Alliance
2.2.4 to carry out of the personal obligations taken on on realization of decisions of the Alliance
2.2.5 to concern to comrades on the Alliance according to principles of solidarity and collective nature
2.2.6 at infringement of one of items of the charter someone from members of an alliance, on guilty will be imposed fair punishment.
2.2.7 if the player is going to be absent in an alliance long time (more than 1 week), it should warn a management of an alliance (any channels).
If it has disappeared without the prevention - on the expiration of 1 week it can be excluded from an alliance.

2.3 It is forbidden to members of the Alliance:
2.3.1 attack on Alliances not coordinated and not approved with the Head or Ministers of the Alliance is forbidden!, in order to prevent war and negative consequences.
The player broken the given rule, should settle attitudes. After that advice of an alliance will be collected where will solve the problem its further "residing" at an alliance.
2.3.3 it is not authorized to disclose any important information received at the closed forum of the Alliance
2.3.4 To conduct operations with members of alliances with which the union or the pact about not an attack is concluded

3 Ministers
3.0 Ministers have the right to demand from other members of the Alliance that Ministers should and are obliged to do.
3.1 At each Minister can be Assistants

3.1 Assistant to the Head
3.1.1 possesses the rights of Ministers
3.1.2 cannot exclude players of the Alliance
3.1.3 can invite new players in the Alliance
3.1.4 for the conclusion or cancellation of the UNION, the NONAGRESSION PACT or DECLARATION OF WAR, should consult on the MAIN THING for the signature of these documents

3.2 Minister for Foreign Affairs
3.2.1 should conduct diplomatic business with other alliances, for advantage to the alliance
3.2.2 Can conclude the UNION or the NONAGRESSION PACT
3.2.3 for the conclusion of DECLARATION OF WAR or cancellation of the UNION, the NONAGRESSION PACT or DECLARATION OF WAR, should consult on the MAIN THING for the signature of these documents
3.2.4 if who that wishes to join our alliance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should give the questionnaire, what that to fill it
3.2.5 after filling the questionnaire with the candidate for our Alliance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers, and can give OK, and can give up to it, as a last resort can will address to the MAIN THING
3.2.6 cannot exclude whom or from the Alliance, only will address to the HEAD for it
3.2.7 Ministry of Foreign Affairs also can consult on Board

3.3 Minister of Defence
3.3.1 Minister of Defence should be well informed about all military affairs
3.3.2 should know to whom the help is required and how to give it to it
3.3.3 can give up in the military help and give simple advice
3.3.4 МО have the right to know about a condition of protection what or villages
3.3.5 МО should not suppose attacks to peace inhabitants of other Alliances
3.3.6 МО who should know what armies can give
3.3.7 Minister of Defence also can consult on Board

3.4 Minister of Internal Affairs
3.4.1 Ministries of Internal Affairs should know about activity of members of the Alliance at a forum
Whether 3.4.2 Ministries of Internal Affairs should know well the village by hiding places and what level protection of walls is protected
3.4.3 Ministries of Internal Affairs should watch observance of the charter
3.4.4 Ministries of Internal Affairs also can consult on Board

3.5 Minister of Economics
3.5.1 МЭ who should know can shares resources
3.5.2 МЭ to organize the help resources for those to whom they are really necessary, instead of to give in empty
3.5.3 МЭ have the right to deny assistance resources
3.5.4 МЭ also can consult on Board

5.6 Advisers
5.6.1 can organize what or actions, but cannot order on strong.
5.6.2 for the some people opportunities can be opened: TO INVITE BEGINNERS
5.6.3 Adviser also can consult on Board
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The charter the Alliance (Устав Альянс)
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